Access accurate shipment data from raw material tracking to first mile packing & shipping

Utilize the latest in technologies to ensure vendor compliance & achieve optimal packing

Capture RFID efficiencies upstream in the supply chain and pave way for traceability

Automate cross-dock workflows to support direct shipments or DC-bypass processes

Featured Solutions 

Explore our latest solutions designed for evolving supply chains and accelerated business growth.

Decision Support

Gain decision-making insights on all aspects of your supply chain—from PO management, shipment performance, EPCs, to logistics—with our highly customizable report templates.

Container Load Optimization

Enjoy shipping savings by booking the optimal containers for your factory loads and access detailed stuffing visualizations to faciliate easier deconsolidation at destinations.

Standard Pack Compliance Saves Cost

Enforcing standard carton types or dimensions allow for better load planning and container load stuffing. By mandating carton types, the system can also suppport business sustainability and compliance goals.

Commercial Invoice Automation

Generate FCR-matched invoices with item-level details automatically pulled from packing lists, and engage with accounts payable departments for review and edits.

Pay-As-You-Go Label Services

Outsource low-volume and/or seasonal labelling to our service bureau to save on on-site printing and equipment costs. In addition to grade-A barcode labels, the bureau will also send advance shipment notices on vendors’ behalves, following the customers’ exact business requirements, so as to help maintain 100% vendor compliance.


Low cost, simple RFID technology is now available to scan a carton in seconds reducing labor packing costs by over 50% and mistakes to zero. The same RFID technology used in packing and shipping can now be leveraged in other areas such as production, finishing, and QC for more benefits. 


RM1 is a cloud-based solution to help customers manage and visualize their Raw Materials Inventory status from raw material suppliers to their production facilities. It can also track raw materials among multiple warehouses in different locations. The warehouse in/out activities, on/off shelf storage, stock taking of raw materials are all automated by the scanning of 2D barcodes and/or RFID labels tagged on items. RM1 can also be used as an in-house Inventory Management solution or expanded to become a powerful Supply Chain Traceability and Visibility solution to collaborate the customer’s Raw Materials Suppliers, manage their orders, shipments, invoices, and monitor the Inventory status of all the raw materials warehouses in their factories.

Special Offers

System Integration

Integrate your Buyer Information to your internal systems automatically, saving time and errors.

Label Kits

Purchase our high-end 6″ x 4″ matte labels and ribbons for quality printing at your own facilities.

Multiple Buyers

Ship orders for new Buyers by adding their supply chain workflows to your existing TradeLink account, with no additional subscription costs for the first six months.